Frequently asked questions

When will the development project be completed?

Before a completion date can be determined, we need to get the Jackson Park renovation included in the next Parks bond and then we need to ensure it is approved by San Francisco voters. At this time, it is too early to define a planned completion date.

Why did you decide to change the existing park?

We conducted numerous surveys, community meetings & stakeholder meetings. The results show the following top two desires:
#1 = increased passive, open space
#2 = open and accessible community rec center

How can I take part in your efforts?

- Sign up for our email communications so you can stay abreast of our efforts and any calls for action (i.e. email campaigns, clean up days, community events, etc.) If you are looking to get more involved or would be interested in joining a board committee (fundraising, finance, marketing, playground design, community garden design, etc.) please reach out to us directly at

What will happen to the existing trees?

We will keep as many existing trees as possible. Unfortunately, the results of our tree survey showed that many of our trees are at the tail end of their lifetime. We propose to save all that we can, including the olive trees. The new design calls for twice as many trees, with many being on the street so you feel like you're in the park while on the sidewalk.

Will the playground be changed?

The playground will be upgraded to be compliant with the American Disabilities Act. In addition, new equipment will replace the 20+ years old current equipment and a combination of cleaner, safer playground surfaces will be used.

Is there going to be an infant playground space?

Yes. There will be a section for tots.

Is there going to be an indoor playspace open to the public?

The plans call for a renovated clubhouse in addition to a community center which will have some indoor public playspace.

What is the purpose of the new indoor center?

The community center will serve as a gathering place for the neighborhood. We anticipate that SFRPD will provide programming for seniors, kids and adults in the community room and clubhouse.

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